She!!…..My Princess👸🏻

(#Translation Done by my wife : Hiba Jasim ❤️)

I dream of her coming to me in a blessed moment which is blessed by the hands of God. The days that follow will be much more beautiful. She will thus be filled as the light of my short life and the reasons of all my joys. She will be the one who creates my spring, summer and winter. She will be the splendor, prosperity, light and virtue of my little home. There she will reign as a princess and fly around like a butterfly. My life will be fulfilled in her comforts. I want to be with her in every step of her life’s journey. Once, after helping her reach the heights that she deserves, I can close my eyes with self-satisfaction. May be this is all my selfishness. It doesn’t matter though. She!!!….my daughter….my princess….


4 thoughts on “She!!…..My Princess👸🏻

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